Our Philosophy

NIS Training strives to provide companies with the highest training standards for an affordable investment. All our mobile equipment operator and trainer certification programs are regulatory compliant with the most current regulation and standards. When a student leaves our programs, they will learn the safety theory, but, also understand the logic (“WHY”) behind it.

We have a resource network available to anyone who needs more information in regards to regulations or site specific needs.

Should you have questions regarding our programs or regulations, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Regulations & Standards section or Contact NIS Training to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

The NIS AdvantageForklift Training and Operator Certification

  • Online Training: NIS Online Operator Theory Training and Online Train-the-Trainer Certification Programs
  • Affordable training prices
  • Longer mobile equipment certification period (Canada only – 3 years vs. 2 years)
  • Training aids supplied in our on-site Train the Trainer programs
  • Excellent support for our trainers and customers

Why Comply?

Trained Operators:
It has been proven by many agencies that having properly trained operators not only reduces damage to products, but will also save money with less accidents and injuries.

Criminal Negligence:
Throughout North America, all regulatory authorities (OSHA, WorkSafe BC, etc.) require operators to be trained and tested prior to operating the equipment.

As any other laws issued by a regulatory authority (speed limits, no smoking, etc.), if an individual or a company chooses not to follow the law, they can be fined or sentenced to prison. The same rules and consequences apply for mobile equipment operators, supervisors and employers. All operators have to be trained and certified and the employer, by documentation, must be able to prove that the operator was certified to the regulatory requirements.

Aside from fines issued by the regulatory authorities (OSHA, WorkSafe BC, etc.) for possibly a few thousand dollars or more, there is going to be litigation expenses, loss of production, court ordered fines (no maximum fine amount) and many other losses which may not be covered under insurance.